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For ten years now, Tony’s campaigns for election have been largely self funded. To grow, we need more volunteers, more supporters, and more people in the community talking about Tony; introducing him to their friends and family as someone who does politics differently and someone deserving of their 1st vote on election day. We also need your financial support.

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Good ideas and intentions go nowhere without people to give their money, effort and time. Your donation gives reach to our campaign and messaging,  so that many more people know about Tony, what he can do, and the real difference he can make the lives of people in our community.



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(Please note: patronage and support gifts are not tax deductible at this time)


All Campaign donations to Tony Moore (Candidate) are 100% tax deductible*, **.

(However, please note that donations received in-between campaigns for election are not tax deductible)

*The Australian Tax Office, and the Australian Electoral Commission and Queensland Electoral Commission state that:

  • Any donation – to an independent candidate for the Commonwealth Parliament*, a state parliament**, which is between $2 and $1500, is 100% tax deductible;
  • You can donate up to $1500 to an independent candidate and also another $1500 to a political party, achieving a maximum tax deduction of $3000 from your tax return;
  • *In State elections: donations less than $1000 remain undisclosed; Donations of $1000 and above are required by Queensland law, to be reported by both the candidate and the entity making them, within 7 business days;
  • **In federal elections: donations less than $13,000 remain non-disclosed; Donations above $13,000 require disclosure by law;